2024 Butterfly Festival


Date: April 20, 2024 - 9:00-5:00 p.m.
     opening ceremonies 9-10 a.m.
     all activities & venues 10-5 p.m.

Cost: Admission & parking are free but donations are greatly appreciated! This is one of EmilyAnn's biggest fundraisers! Donation boxes are available at the entrance and around the festival grounds.

Parking: Wimberley High School (paved walkway over to the EmilyAnn grounds)
Weather: The festival goes on rain or shine! As the festival approaches, updates will be posted here on the website and on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EmilyAnnTheatre.

Festival T-shirts

Click here to order your festival t-shirts!

You can pick up your order at the EmilyAnn before, during, or after the festival. We can also ship the shirts to you. These options will be on the order form when available.

Festival Activities

- Opening Ceremony & Memorial Butterfly Release (9-10am)
- Live Butterfly Releases (9:00-5:00pm) (releases every 30 minutes)
- Butterfly Flight House
- Animal Meet & Greets (10-1pm)
              Gremlin the Axolotl
              Felix the Leopard Gecko
              Long the Chinese Beauty Snake
              Steve the Bearded Dragon
              Noodles the Fancy Guinea Pig
              Rocket the Red Footed Tortoise
              Carmen the Dominican Red Mountain Boa
              Grogu the Firebelly Toad
              Princess the Ball Python
              Laverne the African Hedgehog
              and The Hissing Cockroach Army
- Princess Anna from Frozen will be visiting the festival (10-4pm)
- Mini Donkeys & Horses (11-1pm)
- Festive Llamas (10-12pm)
- Crafts & Face Painting
- Butterfly Train - Live Entertainment
              Sycamore Springs Choir (11:30am)
              Clickety Cloggers (12:00pm)
- Concessions
- Art Awards (1:15-1:45pm)
- Interactive Activities & Games
              Hula Hoops
              Chalk Art
              and more...
- Butterfly Store
              Live butterflies in their own little home
              2024 Butterfly Festival t-shirts
              Butterfly totebags & other merchandise
- Lots More...

Artist of the Year

The Grand Prize winner of the 2023 Butterfly Festival art contest was Bree Browning, an 8th grader at Danforth Junior High in Wimberley. The 2024 Butterfly Festival postcard and t-shirt will be centered around her wonderful art!